Stonefox Editions strives to preserve the traditions of collaborative print while exploring and developing new possibilities. Our studio is an 800 sq. ft. print workshop housing an uncanny combination of historic and contemporary print technology. From lithographic stones to archival digital prints, your best work is our priority. 

 Presses and Equipment: 

-Charles Brand Litho Press, 32 x 50 in.

-Fuchs & Lang Litho Press, 25 x 30 in.

-Martech Etching/Relief Press, 30x50 in.

-Epson StylusPro 7880 Inkjet, 24 in. roll-fed

-Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Inkjet, 42 in. roll-fed

-NuArc Exposure Unit,  26x22

-Lithographic stones (8x10 to 22x30)

Our services include: 

Lithography (stone, grained plate, polymer plate, alternative processes, offset lithography, airbrush, leafing, dusting, flocking, chine colle, etc)

Photography (large-scale digital C-prints, continuous-tone photolithography, egg albumen stone photolithography, Xerox transfer, polymer photorelief)

Digital (large-scale, archival paper or canvas, Wacom tablet)

Relief (woodblock, linoleum, etc. Printed by hand, by platen or litho press, or by flatbed offset)