Editions Club connects new and experienced collectors with original contemporary works of art.

Receive a handmade limited edition print of your choice through an annual membership. Each year, we invite several artists to Stonefox Editions to produce original fine art prints. These works are available only to Editions Club members.

Memberships are available in two price tiers. Editions Club members choose the print they prefer from two available options per price tier.

Invest in handmade works of quality and value.

Editions Club prints are valued at $350-450 and $600-700 depending on tier. All prints are numbered and signed by the artist and bear the chop symbol (small embossment) of Stonefox Editions. All prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Shipping and sales tax are included in the subscription price.

We seek out exceptional artists making innovative work.

Editions Club is dedicated to showcasing innovative, contemporary works of art by professional artists from a range of disciplines, aesthetics, and concepts: installation to painting, abstraction to realism.

The editions are printed at Stonefox Editions, a professional print workshop specializing in lithography. Artists work in close collaboration with the Master Printer to bring together creative vision and fine craftsmanship.